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Merry X-Mas! For this special day we have a special release. Introducing Mikhu, Malini, Lorik, Vato Loco & Aalbou in a three EP release.



The title track “Closer” is first up of the EP and it's a great example of that deep minimalism that is maybe a bit lost in modern productions where producers tend to over layer percussive bits and loose that importance of 'in-between space' in their tracks. This track displays the ability of the 3 artists to craft some intricate percussive work over a broken beat and some more cerebral pad and synth structures. One for when the sun comes up after a night grooving on a dark dancefloor!

"The “Closer to Distance” EP showcases stripped back, minimal house grooves from Swiss producers Malini, Lorik and Mikhu."

Track ID: Closer to Distance

The hypnotic “Distance” completely builds with a certain intensity that never drops, stimulating the senses and transporting the mind as deep, rhythmic pads drift in and out of play. The guys are going for a sophisticated arrangement, opening space, yet raising the temperature after the break into a groovy, string-laden climax.



Studio 405 welcome back esteemed duo Vato Loco for another EP that is packed with real heat. And so, it is that they serve up another two-track sizzler, additionally this time with a remix from DJ/Producer and Amsterdam taste-maker Arie Mando who steps up to remix “Plata”.

"The tribal infused grooves pick up the pace on a packed venue and provide a boost on the dance floor."

“Plomo” is more physical, with raw drums, some dirty acid bassline and sharp percussive hits all driving along beneath a male vocal with real attitude. Its sleazy and direct and sure to make you sweat.

Track ID: Plomo

“Plata” is first and is a seven-minute bubbler with nice loose toms, driving sub bass and ambience samples. Together with additional strings and a chunky acid house beat, make this an impressive modern sound that will so easily seduce dance floors big and small that will get dancers moving and shaking. It’s warm and filled with good time vibes.

Arie Mando,

does not disappoint with his rework which makes you lose it on the dance floor. Genius moves added to a wise original. Arie Mando trip on the almost jazzy blue notes of the original, prop up the groove to ride in on a vibe that calls for afterhours, sunshine and glowing hearts at once.



With this EP, Aalbou continue to promote a deep and sophisticated musical approach.

The dreamy and slowly developing melody of the title track "Stab" is very distinctive. It presents itself from underneath a dubby robe, while synth pads give the track an energetic effect.

"The tracks, produced with analogue instruments, effects and digital synths, give the EP a playful touch, but also a clear, rhythmic contour. Although the songs present themselves overall as being shrouded in a dubby cloak, they impressively maintain their dancefloor character."

Track ID: Stab

In his second production “Bars”, Aalbou mixes hypnotic tones with driving drums, synth-moods and claps - House music with club affine sound aesthetics, which is suitable not only for the after-hour floor.

The third track “Noitec” is ethereal and moody. Percussive elements and a pulsating bassline combines to build a surging rhythm for sharp synths. You can hear Aalbou’s clever drum programming here again and his crafty use of synths, fx, ambience and noises.

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