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Closer to Distance EP | Tropical Import EP | Opening EP

Merry X-Mas! For this special day we have a special release. Introducing Mikhu, Malini, Lorik, Vato Loco & Aalbou in a three EP release.



The title track “Closer” is first up of the EP and it's a great example of that deep minimalism that is maybe a bit lost in modern productions where producers tend to over layer percussive bits and loose that importance of 'in-between space' in their tracks. This track displays the ability of the 3 artists to craft some intricate percussive work over a broken beat and some more cerebral pad and synth structures. One for when the sun comes up after a night grooving on a dark dancefloor!

"The “Closer to Distance” EP showcases stripped back, minimal house grooves from Swiss producers Malini, Lorik and Mikhu."

Track ID: Closer to Distance

The hypnotic “Distance” completely builds with a certain intensity that never drops, stimulating the senses and transporting the mind as deep, rhythmic pads drift in and out of play. The guys are going for a sophisticated arrangement, opening space, yet raising the temperature after the break into a groovy, string-laden climax.



Studio 405 welcome back esteemed duo Vato Loco for another EP that is packed with real heat. And so, it is that they serve up another two-track sizzler, additionally this time with a remix from DJ/Producer and Amsterdam taste-maker Arie Mando who steps up to remix “Plata”.

"The tribal infused grooves pick up the pace on a packed venue and provide a boost on the dance floor."

“Plomo” is m