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Vlad Bretan | Stari EP

Studio 405 is back in 2018 and we have no plans of slowing down the amount of successful releases anytime soon. With that in mind, we are happy to present the debut release of Vlad Bretan.

Vlad Bretan,

is known for doing DJ sets, keeping his output of House grooves and powerful minimalistic sounds. As a producer he highlights his deeper musicality with his attention to detail in each sound. His love of all instruments delivers uniqueness to its productions where minimal and tech-house melt together.

"He combines analog sounds with open and organic percussion on the beat and a pumping sub."

The song “Intr-O Zi” is a grooving minimal cut which fusions class and style. Here Vlad Bretan creates a moody deepness that picks you up and sweeps you away to a blissful place, deep in your own mind. The deep modified drum groove is underpinned by a tight percussive sub, subtle instrumentations and a hopeful vocal tells a melancholic and spellbinding tale as this rolling, minimal groover weaves a hypnotic web across the dancefloor.

Track ID: Obsesiv Compulsiv

The second track “Obsesiv Compulsiv” is deceptively captivating in its presentation as it uses a deep bouncing groove to lock you in, while the track breathes and evolves around it. He has managed to create something magical through the restraint of the groove and the way in which the background elements tie everything together. A raw synth hook is added to the sonic palette as the track is elevated through subtle effects and masterful manipulation of the groove.

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