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Devv | Sunlight EP

Studio 405 is proud to present these two tracks of informed, well-paced grooves, and finely crafted beats that extenuate the Canadians penchant for the mature, and fun-loving heads release.


is an exciting up and coming producer and DJ hailing from Toronto, Canada. He helps run the label All Blak Records & is co-founder of the re:set event series, a monthly party series at Coda Nightclub in Toronto. Over the past year he has been working tirelessly on refining his sound as an artist, taking on a deeper, more stripped back approach to his productions. Stay tuned as he has lots of music planned to come out in 2018.

"It's the kind of record you can already hear being played on the stages all over the world, on a sprightly summer day, with the sunlight breaking through the trees."

Emotionally charged "Sunlight" features emotive strings that send you upward while the rough and ready groove keeps your feet on the ground. You will constantly be picking the sand out from the record's grooves, whether you play it on the beach or not.

Track ID: Sunlight

The second track comes darker and brooding “Moonlight", an energetic anthem that is the perfect soundtrack for a sweaty night out at your favourite music temple. The track's more uplifting feel, relaxed pace and epic layers of chords make it a fitting choice to close off the EP. Imagine the moonlight at an outdoor beach party at the end of summer with this playing.

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