Aalbou | Contrast EP

An addictive bass groove that, laced with hypnotic builds and smooth percussive interludes, drives the EP.

"Outside" brings a virtuosic synergy of energetic and rolling minimal house alongside a smooth funk-inspired foundation. Deep kicks and soft percussive elements let the harmonies shine, taking a different path on this musical journey, while leaving plenty of space for the variety of melodic elements to shine through.

"The low-end melody flows under the breakdowns with a teasing vocal line building an energetic atmosphere. This track is best suited for after hours and late-night application."

Trippy vocals resonate through the breakdowns and breakbeats, adding an edgy cut to the funky groove. Expect to hear this track throughout the closing parties of the summer season in both daytime and after hours sets.

Track ID: Outside

The second track "Inside" continues in similar fashion, incorporating an infectious groove that is guaranteed to get the crowd moving. It gets things rolling with a thick bass foundation that gives the drum beat an almost swung bounce.

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