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Mickael Espinosa & Vlad Bretan | Pangaea EP

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

House duo and label owners Vato Loco invite Vlad Bretan again to Studio 405, following his March 2018 release of Stari on Studio 405, this time with a collaborative EP of them.

Sharing the same musical roots, tastes and creative vision, Mickael Espinosa gets together with Vlad Bretan.

"The two-track EP sees the pair deliver a series of percussion-infused rollers and bass heavy dancefloor bangers."

Opener 'Morenita' working an infectious vocal sample layered over a deft, percussive backdrop. It has an uplifting vibe that builds as the track unfolds. The jerking rhythms and swaying groove is both gentle and vibrant with keen attention to detail. A thudding bass, tribal percussion and pitched-down female vocals provide the build-up into a touch of Caribbean feel-good vibes. Whether it’s to lift the middle of a DJ set or a start of the night, there is no doubt that this is tune is the perfect mood setter.

Track ID: Morenita


“Calling Africa” from Vlad Bretan a masterclass in a long-play danceable record, the ethereal breakdown halfway through its nine minutes leads up to a powerful, warm tone from the throbbing bassline, which in the breakdown is accompanied by the epic chords of the lead synth. It’s stripped back percussion leaves space for the synth parts to breathe and expand, and the track grows with a cosmic tension of epic proportions.

The duo layer the timeless vocal lick against a throbbing bassline and infectious house groove that is set to leave any dancefloor ablaze.

Track ID: Calling Africa