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Victor Montero | Sapphire EP | Incl. Mikhu / Michel Degen Remix

Making his debut on Studio 405, producer and DJ, Victor Montero has developed a passion for analog synthesizers and sound design; which made him qualified to produce a mixture of underground electronic music with a groovy feeling of the Caribbean.

The EP kicks off with the title track opener 'Sapphire' a perfectly free-flowing, loose, and expertly atmospheric minimal house cut with bobbling drums and jazzy hi-hats. Lead by a grooving bass, bright pads and synths with a catchy vocal throughout make you want to get up and move. So, this one is sure to get any party started.

Track ID: Sapphire


Mikhu's remix of 'Sapphire' brings that minimal house vibe with a modern twist. Raw drums and a warm deep sub-bass supply the track with pure house energy, whilst airy pads and stabs tease you on this journey of solid minimal house music.

Track ID: Sapphire (Mikhu Remix)


The Michel Degen remix of 'Sapphire', the darkest track of the three, with a more minimalistic and techy approach going around that gives this track that extra boost to become a true banger.

Track ID: Sapphire (Michel Degen Remix)


Finally, closing the EP, we have the second track from Victor Montero 'Senses' is a solid dance floor mover with wonderfully loose drums and a lively sprinkling of percussion. Smeared pads add cosmic soul and the scale and depth of the track really mean you feel at the center of the colorful action.