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Music Equipments


Based on Studio 405's trademark values of Creativeness, Transparency and Service, our approach to the record business is unique. An approach that shares a commitment to genuine partnership between artist and company. It also means flexibility - with deals tailored just for you. And because we are Studio 405 it also means you have access to our international network and the reassurance of our best-in-class platform


we offer

What We Offer

We work for artists

No one knows your music better than you. That’s why at Studio 405 our whole service revolves around you. It’s our role to support your career and help you reach your full potential.


We can bring you together with our partners and maybe secure you a spot in their next releases.


We have ripped up the old-school record contract and give it to you straight - with no hidden deductions, no unpleasant surprises. Everything clear, everything fair - cards on the table. Deals that you deserve.

We Work For Artists


Planning your release

It’s all in the plan. From territory to timing, from price to positioning to social media, press and promotion teams, our expert teams will deliver the right plan for you.

Tailor-made press and promotion

When it comes to press and promotion, we know it’s personal. That you need the people, the passion and the close industry relationships to take your music where it needs to go. So we help you choose the teams that are best for you.

Product management and marketing

Call it mission control. Our in-house product management team has the expertise and experience to take your music to market, to make it work.

Retail and sales marketing

Digital music services and traditional retailers play an essential role in helping you reach your audience. Because we’ve assembled an unrivalled network of some of the biggest names in the business, it means we can put your music exactly where it needs to be.



Music Concert

Live Performance

We always seek talented artists, who are motivated to be part of our Live Performances Sessions. If you want to present your song, send us your video singing the song, and maybe you get a spot in the next season!

Releasing on major DSP's

We have trustfully distribution partners all across the globe. Our releases are distributed in over 100 countries and you can find our products in all digital sales portals available.

Music Apps
Video Shoot


We do premieres on Soundcloud and Spotify Playlists. Send us a mail if you are interested.


Our Partners
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